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    Can you believe it is June already?! We have started our math fast facts tests to earn our ice cream sundaes! In Language Arts we will be stepping more into our stories to understand our characters better. In science we will continue to learn about the impact of the moon and sun on our days, seasons, and tides! We are really enjoying our ABC countdown, it is making the last 26 daysfly by with fun activities! ABC Schedule is below. 

    We continue to apply yoga and mindfulness tools in our classroom to improve our self-regulation.


    June Reminders
    June 6 - Field Day
    June 14- Field Trip
    June 20 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! 

    Tues 5/14 – Apples and Caramel Snack Day – we’ll have a special snack!

    Wed 5/15 – Bingo – We will play a special game!

    Thurs 5/16 – Craft Day – We’ll do a special craft!

    Fri 5/17 – Donut Day – we’ll have a special snack!

    Mon 5/20 – Experiment Day – We’ll do an experiment!

    Tues 5/21 – Fiesta Day – we’ll have a special snack!

    Wed 5/22 – Game Day – we’ll play some games!

    Thurs 5/23 – Hopping for the heart– Jump rope for heart!

    Tues 5/28 – I love WWES – Wear your favorite WWES shirt!

    Wed 5/29 – Joke Day – bring in your favorite joke to share!

    Thurs 5/30 – Kindness Day - Students will spread kindness around!

    Fri 6/31 – Lemonade Day– we’ll make fresh squeezed lemonade!

    Mon 6/3 – Mystery Day – ??? It’s a mystery to me ???

    Tues 6/4 – No Homework Day – you won’t have any homework tonight!

    Wed 6/5 – Oh boy it’s Field Day!– Field Day

    Thurs 6/6 – Pop Corn and Pretzel Day – we’ll have a special snack

    Fri 6/7 – Question Day – try to stump your teacher

    Mon 6/10 – Rock and Roll Day – we’ll listen to some music

    Tues 6/11 – Sun Glasses Day – wear your favorite pair

    Wed 6/12 – Team building– we’ll do some fun team building games!

    Thurs 6/13 – USA Day – wear red, white and blue

    Fri 6/14 – bon Voyage– Field Trip!

    Mon 6/17 – Watermelon Day – we’ll have a special snack!

    Tues 6/18 – eXtra Special Surprise Day – wonder what it will be?!

    Wed 6/19 – Year End Clean-Up Day – we’ll clean up from the year!

    Thurs 6/20 – Zip up your back packs, Zoom home, and We’ll Zee you later!



    Enjoy your summer!!