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     6th Grade - As we start March we will be wrapping up our Unit on Ratios and Rates. The rest of March is dedicated to Unit 6 - Understand and Use Percent. This topic focuses on applying percents to solve problems.They use reasoning, equivalent rates and division to find relationship between percents, fractions and decimals. This is crucial to their success in 7th grade where they will then solve percent increase/ decrease problems, percent error and markup/markdown problems.

    8th Grade - The month of March will be dedicated to Topic 6 on Congruence and Similarity. We kick off this unit with a hands on investigation of what these transformations are. This unit has many opportunities for the students to combine mathematics with creativity and art. This unit focuses on analyzing transformations , understanding congruent and similar figures and understanding angle relationships among angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal. The end of topic 6 concludes with interior/exterior angles and Angle-Angle Triangle Similarity property.


    7th Grade -We are kicking off the new month with a data analysis project as we wrap up our unit on Statistics. This project will be a test grade and will not only combine all the skills we have been learning in this chapter but also will  be utilizing technology. The students will be using spreadsheets and google slides as part of their project. Then we begin our Unit on Probability. This topic focuses on applying the data analysis learned in Grade 6 to extend an understanding of how data is used to determine the probability of an event occurring.

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