• January Classroom News Update:



     Kindergarten & 1st Grade: We have been exploring the seasons of the year, and the weather that happens during each of those seasons. We have been discovering vocabulary associated with the winter by reading stories, and sharing our opinions through speaking and writing. We will continue to use the upcoming seasons and holidays as a guide to promote related language acquisition through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. As a class, we read the story, If You Were a Penguin, and wrote about what you could do if YOU were a penguin! We will continue exploring the winter season, and the arctic throughout the month of January. 

     2nd Grade: This month we began our nonfiction unit on informative writing. Students are choosing their favorite animal to research. They will be writing All About books to share the information they have researched. We are excited to learn more about goldfish, pandas, puppies, penguins, and huskies!

     3rd Grade: We have been reading nonfiction texts to learn new information and share it with others. We will continue our nonfiction unit by reading, discussing, and identifying opinions

     4th & 5th Grade: We are beginning our nonfiction unit on informative writing. For this type of writing, the author's purpose is to inform the reader about information that they have researched. Students will use their Chromebooks to research and organize information about their topic. Students in 4th grade will begin their biography project, and students in 5th grade will start researching about Ancient Egypt.






Last Modified on January 7, 2019