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    Happy Fall!

    See what we are doing in class!


    In October we started working in small groups for math and working at stations. This has been successful and the students enjoy the new routine! We are looking forward to continuing working at stations in small groups.


    Language Arts:

    Language Arts is another subject we started working in small groups at rotating stations and it is going great! We have also started using the program “Words Their Way” that will help students succeed in phonics, spelling and reading.


    Social Studies / Science:

    In social studies and science we have been working in small groups to re-create a paper town of Neptune City. We will continue to finish this project in November. Students have been researching the businesses, fields, and town stations to re-create the paper model of Neptune City. Additionally, they have chosen a few animals to research that they have seen in Neptune City, including raccoons, geese, squirrels, rabbits, and grasshoppers. We are looking forward to completing our project and learning about the different animals, and getting started on another project based learning activity!