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    6th Grade -Time is flying fast here in the 6th grade. We wil be closing out marking period 1 with the completion of Unit 2, "Integers and Rational Numbers" and kicking off marking period 2 with Unit 3 - "Numeric and Algebraic Expressions" In this unit the students will begin their first foray into algebra. We will be writing, evaluating, generating and simplifying algebraic expressions. 
    8th Grade - The students have been working hard because the first two units in 8th grade are jam packed making them particularly long. We have been working on some key concepts such as irrational numbers,evaluating square and cube roots, exponents, solving multi-step equations and graphing linear equations. We start marking period 2 with Unit 3 - "Functions" Throughout Unit 3 students apply their understanding of linear functions as they construct linear functions to represent given real-world situations. The students will be utilizing the graphic calculator to explore these relationships
    7th Grade - Hard to believe that the first marking period is almost over. We conclude marking period 1 with Chapter 3 - Equations and Inequalities. As we begin marking period 2 - we start in Chapter 4
    "Factors, Fractions and Exponents". In this chapter the students will find factors, including the GCF of not only numbers but of monomials as well. We will be exploring deeper into exponents by now including variables and then ending the chapter with scientific notation.
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