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    6th Grade - Happy 2019! The first month of the new year will be spent on representing and solving equations and inequalities. It begins with our continuation in our first foray into solving algebraic equations. We begin with one step, move onto two step, and utilize our new skills to problem solve. First quiz of Unit 4 is on January 10th. To understand independent and dependent variables the students will have a project that has them creating and illustrating their own independent and dependent variables. The end of January ( January 28th ) brings the close to marking period 2.  
    8th Grade - Happy New Year! As we come back to the new year we will kick off with a stem activity that has the students reviewing the material where we left off before break. We will then continue our Unit 4 on bivariate data with the introduction of two way frequency tables. We will be creating, interpreting and finding relative frequencies of two way frequency tables. Our first quiz of the year will be on Friday , January 11th. We will be completing Unit 4 on Bivariate Data with the unit test on Wednesday January 16th, which gives us the end of the month to begin Unit 5: Analyze and Solve Systems of Linear Equations. The end of January ( January 28th ) brings a close to marking period 2. 
    7th Grade - Here's to the new year and a new chapter! The new year begins with Chapter 6: Ratio, Proportion and Proability. We kick of the new year with a stem activity that has the students utilizing and applying their knowledge of ratios and proportions in the health field. We will have the students rotate thru stations, one measuring blood pressure, then measuring at rest pulse rate vs after exercise, another one converting weight height and temperature, figuring medication dosages and finally calculating BMI. Not only will we write and solve proportions but we will correlate proportions with similar figures and scale drawings. The first quiz of the year is planned to be Tuesay January 15th. The end of Chapter 6 ties in our skills to probability and utilizing the multiplication principal to find probabilites. The end of January ( January 28th ) brings a close to marking period 2. 
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