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  • Woodrow Wilson School

    210 West Sylvania Avenue
    Neptune City , NJ 07753
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    Thursday, December 13, 2018

    It has come to our attention that there is a rumor circulating around Neptune City about the closing
    of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. Please rest assured that there is absolutely NO validity to
    that information.

    We have worked hard to develop an educational program that supports our diverse community.
    Neptune City is experiencing the same trends as the majority of school districts in New Jersey.
    decreasing enrollment, cuts in State Aid and school funding, and increased State mandates. Yet,
    we continue to grow and are proud of all our programs and support we offer our students and
    families in Neptune City.

    As we continue to address funding challenges and issues in school, Neptune City School
    Administration and Board of Education continually meet with legislators to advocate for Woodrow
    Wilson Elementary School.

    Great things are happening in Woodrow Wilson Elementary School:

    Recipient of the OceanFirst Model Classroom Grant to create a 21st Century Learning Lab
    Recipient of PreSchool Education Expansion Aid to address the needs of preschool education

    Sustainable NJ School

    Recipient of the Leader.Org Grant to build our Leader in Me Program

    Host of the Neptune City Inaugural Math League Competition

    Technology infused instruction with a one to one Chromebook initiative in grades 4-8

    Full time Security Officer, Officer Mike. NCPD

    And so much more!

    To borrow the words of William Shakespeare

    Though we be but little, we are fierce" 


    Christine Oppegaard                                        Debra Mercora

    President                                                          Chief School Administrator

    Neptune City Board of Education                     Neptune City Board of Education

    Neptune City School District HIB Information 
    District Anti-Bullying Specialist
    Lonjete Nias   
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    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
    Dr. Deb Mercora   
    Phone: 732-775-5319   

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