• Our Mission 

    The mission of the Neptune City Schools Special Services Department is to provide high quality education programs whereby all students are empowered to reach their individual potential, respect and value themselves and others, and become life-long learners. 


    Our Vision

    The Neptune City Special Services Department sees students as individual learners with special needs and learning styles. Through that understanding and sensitivity for special needs students, the faculty and staff work to guide students toward academic success and self-advocacy. Special Education faculty and staff focus on teaching appropriate strategies based on the individual needs of special education students. The Special Services Department is committed to ensuring:

    • Everyone is united in a common commitment to ensuring success for each student;

    • Students are taught with an inclusive approach in mind as to what is best for all students;

    • There is a shared understanding among all staff, students, and families of expectations, roles, and responsibilities;

    • Everyone works together to set and achieve the highest possible standards, both academic and behavioral, and to be accountable for data-driven results;

    • Special education processes are participant-friendly, culturally responsive and collaborative with a focus on the strengths and needs of the student;

    • Parents and students are heard and understood, and their input is valued;

    • All staff are valued as professionals for their knowledge, experience, and competence;

    • A comprehensive range of instructional and related services, support and resources are provided to schools, staff, students, and families to meet the assessed needs of students;

    • Staff and families are supported and best practices are promoted through comprehensive professional learning and family training opportunities;

    • Services are coordinated with community resources to support students and their families.