If your child is injured during school hours, the nurse will assess his/her condition and, if necessary, contact you. You may be asked to pick your child up. If you are not available, the nurse will attempt to reach one of your designated emergency contacts. STUDENTS WILL ONLY BE RELEASED TO THOSE INDIVIDUALS SPECIFIED ON EMERGENCY CARDS.

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXCUSES: A written or verbal parent/guardian request is necessary for excuse from physical education class. Please note that whenever your child is excused from physical education, he/she will also be excused from recess. If an excuse for longer than three (3) days is anticipated, a note is required from your child’s medical provider.                                                               

    CRUTCHES/WHEELCHAIR USE: A note from your medical provider is required if your child needs to use crutches or a wheelchair in school. This note should specify the nature of your child’s injury or illness and the length of time these accommodations will be necessary.