• PHYSICAL: Please be aware that the Neptune City Board of Education recognizes the importance of medical examinations at least one time during each of a student's developmental stages. These stages are Preschool through Grade 3, Grade 4 through 6, and Grades 7 to 12.  If your child does not receive a school or sports physical once during each of these stages, please submit a copy of your child's physical from your doctor so that their health records are current.


    • ENTRANCE PHYSICAL: Upon entry to school, a physical is required and must be documented on either our school physical form or NJ's Universal Child Health Record. The exam may have been within the previous 365 days. The school entrance physical is due within 30 days of the child's first day of school. Forms are available under the left-hand tab labeled, "Health Forms". Hard copies can be supplied and picked up at the school with prior request.


    • SPORTS PHYSICAL: Prior to participation in any school sports team, an exam must be documented on the New Jersey Department of Education's Annual Pre -Participation Exam Form and be within 365 days of the first practice session. Sports physicals are offered for free in school by our school physician, Dr. Alexis Oram, and parents/guardians are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. However, a parent/guardian may select to have this physical completed by the child's established pediatrician. Students without the required sports physical, WILL NOT be allowed to participate in any sport. 
      • Additional and required New Jersey Department of Education sports forms are required and must also be submitted to the school along with the completed sports physical. All forms are available under the left-hand tab labeled, "Health Forms".  Hard copies can be supplied and picked up at the school with prior request.
      • VISIT NJDOE LINK, "INFO FOR STUDENT ATHLETE PAGE", FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://www.nj.gov/education/safety/health/athlete/