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    Mrs. Gunderson’s and  Mrs. Turk’s 7th grade Math


    Our 7th grade students have completed their work with percentages including discounts and tips, sales tax and commission. They have learned very valuable life skills which will help them with their own financial literacy as they begin to think about future plans of perhaps earning their own money some day in the not too distant future. Many students wonder "When will I ever use this (concept) in real life?" Working with real world situations has been an eye opening experience for our scholars.

    January has the class preparing for the Mid-term exam based on Topics 1-4. 

    We meet on Mondays with several of our students for study and organizational help in addition to practicing newly learned skills. All students are invited and we have adopted the practice of allowing students to choose where they feel they might need some extra guidance.

     Best regards, Mrs. Gunderson & Mrs. Turk
    8th Grade Algebra

    Students have worked diligently this past month learning how to solve and graph many types of equations on the coordinate plane. Most recently we have completed a unit on solving and graphing linear inequalities:

    "Students are having a fundraiser to help pay for their class trip. They need to earn at least $1200.00 by selling hats and t-shirts with their school logo on them.

    Hats cost $5.50 each while the t-shirts cost $4.75 each. They will be selling the hats for $9.00 and the t-shirts for $12.00 each. How many of each must they sell in order to reach their goal?"

                           January brings with it our Mid-term exam followed by our statistics unit.







    Woodrow Wilson Math Teacher
Last Modified on January 8, 2019