• Art
    Welcome to Art!
    At Woodrow Wilson, our art room is filled with creativity and busy hands. This year we will be learning about famous artists and various types of art making. Lots of new vocabulary words will be introduced and used to describe our new creations.  
    K-4students have been learning about color theory and how to use different color families in their Art Work.
    5th grade students have been working on a lovely portrait collages using powerful words clipped from magainzes.  
    To start the year middle school students created unique folders to hold all of their great work! They also explored printmaking using found materials and creating their own print stencils.
    3rd grade Art Club began in October and will run through Dec. Students have been creating puzzles, braclets, painting pumpkins and more!
    Throughout our time together, my behavior guidelines for our young artists are:
    Always do your best
    Respect your classmates and teachers
    Tool must be used properly and safely. 
    During our art making time we will be striving for:
    Problem Solving
    Please email me at aegan@neptunecityschool.org if you have any questions.