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    "You can find magic wherever you look.  
    Sit back and relax all you need is a book!" -Dr. Seuss
    We are working together to become independent readers and life-long learners.
             We will be in charge of ourselves! (Be Proactive)
                   We will work hard to be the best readers we can be!
             We will have a plan! (Begin With The End In Mind)
                   We will set reading level goals and try our best to achieve them!
             We will work first, then play! (Put First Things First)
                      Good readers read everyday!  Practice, practice, practice!
    It is important to choose books from your reading level. 
    While you are reading the book, remember to use strategies to figure out unknown words:   
    • tap-out 
    • check the picture 
    • look at all the parts of the word
    • get a running start
    • think about the story
    • try it 2 ways
    • scoop up words in phrases
    • reread to smooth out your voice
    After reading, it is important to talk about the book.    
    See the "Reading Comprehension" section for sample questions.
    Answering questions about the book will let you know if you understood what you read.
    Always try your best!
    Never give up!
    Happy Reading! 
    Mrs. Levy
Last Modified on May 3, 2021