• Welcome Back! 2018-2019 School Year!

    Welcome Back!



    7th Grade: 7th grade is now beginning their new novel The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963.  Students will focus on synthesizing perspectives in historical fiction novels.  They will also be applying those skills into their book club books. Students just began a book club book that they will read as a group and work on identifying close reading strategies, investigating characterization, and practicing their speaking and listening skills as they discuss the literature together.  

    8th Grade: 8th grade is beginning a new dystopian novel The Maze Runner.  Students will be researching and analyzing dystopian characteristics and examining how the The Maze Runner and their book club book Legend fulfill dystopian characteristics.  Students will also be focusing on investigating characterization and how setting drives the plot, characters’ motivation and growth and development, and the theme of the novel.  8th grade will get an opportunity to also participate in a mock trial/debate as we continue to read The Maze Runner and teams will have to determine the innocence or guilt of a specific character.




    Contact Information:

    E-mail: Ibacigalupi@neptunecityschool.org

    School Phone: 732-775-5319


    Welcome to Middle School Language Arts! I am looking forward to a productive and successful school year! To have such a year, you are expected to be an active participant in class.  We will focus on analyzing and responding to various genres of literature and authentic texts (non-fiction texts).  We will focus on different strategies to help us become stronger readers which ultimately will help us become stronger writers.  Be ready to WRITE, WRITE, And WRITE!!

    Materials & Supplies:

    • 1 or 1 ½ inch binder
    • Index Cards
    • Pencils/Pens
    • Highlighters
    • Post-its
    • Dividers

    Grading Policy:

    Tests/Projects: (60%) Includes: Tests, projects, major essays, writing assignments.

    Classwork/Homework/Participation: (40%) Includes: Notebook & binder checks, journal entries, classwork, and homework

    *You will be provided with a participation rubric and be given a participation grade each week.  Your participation is the key to your success, which includes: classroom discussions, homework, staying on task, being prepared and having a positive attitude.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Stay on task during all work times.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Track the speaker, actively listen, and monitor your voice level.
    • Come to class prepared (with homework, novel, and materials).
    • Handle all classroom materials carefully.


    Positive Behavior: Raffle System

    I will be implementing a positive behavior system.  You will be given raffle tickets for positive behavior displayed in class.  You will write your name on the back of the raffle ticket and place it in your grade level bin.  Every week, I will draw 3 raffles from the bin and those students will be able to pick a reward.  The more raffles you receive, the better chance of being picked for the reward!

    Consequences for Negative Behavior:

    • You will be given three opportunities to change your behavior.
    • If you do not take the opportunity to change your behavior, you will be given a teacher detention (15 minutes after school with me) and a phone call or e-mail sent home. If you cannot stay for the teacher detention the day it is given, then it will be scheduled for a day that you are available.
    • If you receive 3 teacher detentions within a week, you will receive an Office Detention and a phone call home. Office detention is 1 hour.




    Let’s have an amazing, productive, and fun year!! 

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