• Snow



    Dear Parents/Guardians:

     Speech and language homework enables your

    child to reinforce the skills that he/she has addressed

    in speech class. When we work together as a team, they 

    are sure to succeed. Practicing on a consistent basis with

    your child in a game type of activity, will ultimately

    facilitate substantial improvement.  Homework is given 

    on a weekly basis and needs to be completed, signed by a

    "helper"and turned in the next session.


    Please continue to review and practice your child's

    speech/language assignments on a regular basis. In order for

    your child to progress, consistent at home 

    practice is needed. If your child forgets his/her speech 

    folder, you can always practice (make up an assignment)

    or review the previous one. Please sign or initial and date the 

    assignment upon completion. Thank you, once again, for the pleasure to work

    with your child. Feel free to email me @ cwilliams@neptunecityschool.org with any questions or concerns.


    Thank you!

     Ms. Williams