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    September 2019 
    Greetings, as always I come back to school each September with some novel or revival pedagogy. This summer the Language Arts Department has dedicated our resources to launching Lucy Caulkins' Reading and Writing Workshop for the Middle School. 

    What will class look like?

    Bell Ringer-- As soon as students enter class they will be instructed to read, respond to a journal prompt, or grammar activity. 

    Words Their Way: Students will work in their specific groups on their spelling/vocabulary activity. 

    Mini Lesson: The teacher will facilitate either a reading or writing lesson to the whole group, designed from the Reader’s or Writer’s Workshop. 

    Independent Practice: Students will apply the aforementioned skill to the selections they are studying or writing about. 

    The Share: Our class will come back together in order to review what we know and what we still need to work on.


    Homework: You will have homework on a regular basis, this will not be busy work, these assignments are usually essential to the following day’s class. These assignments reinforce the skills necessary to succeed and are mandatory. 

    Grade Distribution

    60%: Projects/Writing Assignments (essays, narratives, responding to their reading)

    20%: Completion of Bell Ringers/Class Participation (Scored on rubric)

    20%: Homework (reading at home, responding to reading, coming in the following day prepared to share/discuss)

     To clarify: *tests, projects, major essays, open ended questions,
                       writing assignments will fall under: Tests/Projects
                      *literature response journals, classwork,
                        most homework assignments will fall under : Classwork/Homework


Last Modified on September 11, 2019