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     January 2019


    Mrs. Tinik’s Update - January

    Grade 6th Math

    Just Started & Coming Up in January...

    Represent and Solve Equations and Inequalities

    In Topic 4, which the students began the last week before winter break, students will write and solve inequalities.  Students will become exposed to new symbols such as less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, and not equal. These are first time opportunities to consider inequalities both conceptually and abstractly for this grade and is extremely important as a foundation for algebra.


    Number lines will be used to show solutions to an inequality.  


    Students will identify the dependent and independent variables in different situations.  They learn the dependent variable changes in response to the independent variable.

    Grade 8th Math


    Just Started & Coming Up in January...

    Investigate Bivariate Data

    In Topic 4, that began the end of December, students are working on scatter plots and trend lines.  When the data appear to have a linear association, students will sketch trend lines and write equations for them.  Students will also learn how to make predictions for the data using the equations of the trend line as a linear model of the relationship of the paired data.  Predictions can be made about current or future trends.


    After that, students will learn to work with two-way frequency tables. They will organize the data. The table will allow them to make comparisons against total data points and other sub-categories that will allow them to make informed conjectures.  Students will then take what they learned and extend their work to create two-way relative frequency tables that assist them in making comparisons and conjectures about the data in question.



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