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    It seems as though winter has passed by quickly and the students are
    getting ready for some summer fun.. The school year held many exciting happenings for the students. We are always looking to address and improve the best education possible that is offered to our students. The goals of the District are to make sure that the needs of every student are attained.

    Over the summer months and continuing into the school year the students will utilize technology through the use of our "Study Island" program. This is a program that enables the students to work from the internet and improve their Language, Reading and Mathematics skills at the students' own rate and level. This is important to the education and well being of every student.

    We are very proud of our students' progress on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge tests each year. Our students are continuing to make steady progress and improvement. We have been keeping track of the students progress for several years and we are proud to say that the students continue to show increased improvement.

    We are moving along very well with the renovations and construction project. The staff and the students have been very cooperative and have enabled us to make progress. The construction project is on schedule and the improvements so far are making our school more attractive.

    It is a very exciting time at the Neptune City School. All of the staff who work here are energized and optimistic about what we can provide for our students. As always we continue to look forward to working with the whole community a`s` we strive for excellence.

Last Modified on July 28, 2006