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    author at work

    Extra! Extra! Read all About It!!!! Room B130 has been busy as bees writing all different kinds of stories. We started the year off with Hopes and Dreams. Students enjoyed explaining their goals and what they were looking forward to in 2nd grade. In the hallway for October we showed off I'm in Charge of Me statements. During writer's workshop students choose their topics to write and decide on which pieces they would like to publish. We have had Fire Safety stories in honor of Fire Safety Week, Butterfly stories inspired by our observations of our Butterfly going through all of its stages and Saying No stories to go with our Good Character Health lessons. Along with these fabulous stories, students have also been writing letters to friends, family members and teachers. We are on a Writing Roll!



     We finished our First Unit of Study:Growth Spurt. During this time we discovered various strategies Good Readers use while reading. We ended the unit reading Mercy Watson to the Rescue! Guess what? Mercy is our official Class Pet. She sits quietly in our reading corner and  observes all the learning occuring in Room B130. We have many read aloud favorites, so be sure to ask your child which book did they like the best this past week.



    Addition and Subtraction Wizards are among us. Students have been working rigourously solving all different types of word problems. We have been  discecting the problems to help us choose the best math strategy to solve them. As you are aware, Math in 2018 is quite different than math in 1990. Don't forget to log-in to envisions math 2.0 for tutorials and math games.


    social studies

    We are currently finishing up our first Unit:Governing the People, just in time for Elections. We tied this Unit with our Leader in Me program to establish our Class Rules (laws) and Leadership Jobs (government). Ask your child what jobs have they applied for so far. Do they have a favorite?






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