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    Introducing the Financial Recovery Initiative

    A Monmouth ACTS resource designed to provide COVID-19 relief for Monmouth County residents

    The financial needs caused by the current devastating COVID-19 pandemic have been far-reaching. While Monmouth ACTS has been consistently working to help with the health needs caused by the pandemic, growing financial challenges caused by increased unemployment and economic uncertainty are beginning to take a toll on residents across Monmouth County. All residents – from families who rely on their weekly wages to put food on the table to individuals who have never faced economic hardships before – need a place to turn for access to clear and consistent financial resources.

    This is where we are stepping in to help.

    Monmouth ACTS is pleased to introduce the Financial Recovery Initiative (FRI), designed to educate and efficiently communicate Monmouth County’s financial programs and services available to residents.  FRI builds upon Monmouth ACTS, and the work of its existing Financial Empowerment Hub.

    The Financial Recovery Initiative organizes a structure at the County level to make connections among local communities, families and individual residents and government funding opportunities and other organizations providing financial support. FRI comprises:

    • Task Force made up of local community and business leaders
    • A “Clearinghouse” for information sharing and access to financial recovery support
    • A dedicated Financial Recovery Warm Line: 732-683-8959
    • The Monmouth ACTS Financial Recovery Network – an organized system of services and benefits to assist with financial recovery
    • Coordination of local, state and federal resident recovery efforts

    If you are looking for information about financial recovery and support, CLICK HERE for a list of the many financial organizations, programs and support systems available to you across Monmouth County.

    Call our Warm Line at 732-683-8959 and a member of our Financial Recovery team will be on hand to assess your needs and direct you to the resource that is right for you.