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    Mrs. Gunderson’s and  Mrs. Turk’s 7th grade Math

     As our 3rd marking period draws to a close we end our topic focusing on probability. Students had a wonderful time working in small groups flipping quarters, rolling dice, spinning spinners, and selecting at random from a deck of cards. They have learned that "Heads or Tails" isn't always a 50/50 chance.

    Next on our radar is the favorite topic of geometry. Students again will work with partners to measure and using formulas, calculate area, perimeter, and angle measurements

    We meet on Mondays with several of our students for study and organizational help in addition to practicing newly learned skills. All students are invited and we have adopted the practice of allowing students to choose where they feel they might need some extra guidance. 

     Best regards,Mrs. Gunderson & Mrs. Turk


    8th Grade Algebra

                          We have learned how to factor quadratic functions using the FOIL method, completing the square and the most consistant tool of the quadratic formula. Students are learning how to solve real world problems - one of the most common (and relative with baseball season in full swing) involves a ball being thrown in the air and falling back down. The arch that is created gives a visual of what a quadratic function looks like on a graph- including the high (and turning) point of the throw known as the vertex. Very cool!

    We have applied all 4 operations to rational binomials finally realizing why we learn fractions in the first place!

    Each in the class has made the daunting decision as to which highschool they will attend. All of the students who applied to Posieden were accepted! We will be representing Wilson School at Red Bank Regional, Communications HighSchool, Posieden and Neptune.









    Woodrow Wilson Math Teacher
Last Modified on March 30, 2019