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    Mrs. Turk’s and Mrs. Gunderson’s 7th grade Math

    7th grade students have been working on more in-depth problem solving strategies. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. The students have been working very hard learning the various techniques to solve the equations that they can apply to real world situations.

    Ex. 20-(-6)=26;  24 x n= 6 (solve for n)

    Students have also been working to learn how to solve Ratios and Proportional Reasoning in the form of word problems. Using proportional relationships and numerical and algebraic equations to solve real world problems is a strategy they will continue to build on.

    Ex. A family is on vacation in Canada and they are 55 kilometers (= to .621 miles) away for the hotel where they are going to stay. The gas light comes on tin the car which means they have 1 gallon of gas left in their car. If the car typically cna travel 27 miles p0er sllon, will they make it to the hotel before they run out of gas? Show all your work!

    In the upcoming months students will continue to build on these concepts with increasing difficulty as they begin to master this skill. Students will also draw, construct, and describe geometric figures and their relation to each other.


    7th Grade Social Studies

    7th grade students have learned to read like historians. Students have been studying about the Early Americans, the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas and working on Google Chrome to read text, complete assignments and take quizzes.  

    Students are currently learning about European explorers, reading articles and primary source documents, plotting exploration routes on maps and discovering where explorers came from, who they sailed for and what they intended to discover (also what they actually did discover).   

    Next marking period we will begin a unit on the 13 colonies.  


    8th Grade Social Studies

    8th graders are in the process of finishing up the American Revolution including reading about the Declaration of Independence and our founding fathers, writing persuasive essays arguing whether Thomas Jefferson was a hypocrite or  just a man of his times and discovering the role African Americans played in the Revolution. Students created maps plotting the various battles of the Revolution using “google my maps.”

    Next marking period we will begin to analyze the United States Constitution.

    Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns you and your child might have: 
      Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


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