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    Physical Education

    Update December

    Grades 6-8

    Volleyball has been exciting!  It's been great to see the communication and strategizing.

    We will finish up volleyball soon and move into badminton and hockey.

    Again we will continue building on strategizing and improving game play.


    Grades 3-5

    Great work in basketball! It was also fun to watch the seasonal activities and how well you worked together.

    We will begin Volleyball and work on building our skills to prepare us for game play.


    Grades K-2

    It was so much fun watching the seasonal activities and the smiles.  We will continue building our catching 

    and throwing skills and starting working on our basketball skills during January.


    Ms. Obrien and Ms. Duffy

    Last month was alot of fun!  I look forward to carrying that fun into the New Year

    with more Volleyball, Badminton and Hockey activities.


    Ms. Guthrie

    Oh what fun it was playing some seasonal activities with you!

    Let's keep working on taking turns, being helpful and working together.

    We will work with the parachute some in January

    and continue playing some of your favorite activities.


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