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    Pirate Physical Education

    March/April Update

    Hope everyone is staying healthy and active during these different times.  You all have received a Fitness Log to fill out.

    Good Physcial Exercise is 60 mins a day, but I'm looking for you to be able to do 3 days of the week for 50 mins each.

    You may have to make copies, erase or delete what you've done for each week.  Once completed email a copy to me.

    I love hearing from you and miss you all:) 



                       Please feel free to browse my site. These pages will give you insight into grading, policies, and special events.

    If you need to contact me you can contact me at 732-775-5319 or email me at Swhite@neptunecityschool.org
    I will return your call/email as quickly as possible.