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    Pirate Physical Education

    May Update

    Grades 6-8

    May will be filled with Fitness Testing and seeing if we can improve on our September Scores.

    Also we will engage in various games that we played through the year and prepare for Field Day.


    Grades 3-5

    This month we will see if we can improve our Fitness Test Scores from September.

    We will also prepare for Field Day and engage in various games they we played during the year.

    Grades K-2

    This month we will work on some Soccer skills and prepare for Field Day.


    Ms. Obrien and Ms. Duffy

    May with bring back some games they we played throughout the year.

    We will also prepare for Field Day.


    Ms. Guthrie

    Let's keep working on taking turns, being helpful and working together.

    We will continue with tag, scooter, throwing, kicking and other activities

    to help build our skills. 

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