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    Hello everyone, I am happy to welcome your children back to school. We are excited to start our daily learning and exploring again. The children will continue to learn through hands on activities and purposeful play. In Pre-K we use Tools of the Mind Curriculum. Click the link below to find out more about how we learn and play.
    A parents guide to a Tools of the Mind Classroom.
    Things to remember: 
     The Importance of Reading with your Child
    ~ to develop language skills
    ~exercise for the brain
    ~help with concentration
    ~encourages a thirst for knowlwdge
    ~helps teach children about different topics and make connections to the worldaround them
    All remote students received paper based packets to help with at home learning. In the packet is a calendar that has a self regulation activity and a pretend play scenario. This is the heart of our curriculum at school. Pretend play and self regulation can be used at home throughout your daily routine. 
    Play Planning
    4 steps each child will recognize beacuse we use it daily
    ~We say it
    ~We draw it
    ~We write it
    ~We do it
    use daily to have children "write" their plan to play.
    Purposeful Play 
    Remember~ have fun and at this age play is EVERYTHING. 
    Important benefits of play:
    ~fosters creativity
    ~devlops imagination
    ~develops problem solving skills
    ~helps to teach cause and effect
    ~helps a child learn self regulation
    ~strengthens motor skills
    ~helps with thinking, remebering and reasoning.
    Below are links that can help keep learning fun at home~
     StoryTime Online~ a great daily activity kids will love



    Pre-K links, resources, and activivites.

    e-mail: nsalamone@neptunecityschool.org

Last Modified on January 20, 2021