• Homework  

    Math - 9-6 pg 561-562  1-15
    If you forget your homework and it is from the workbook, go to https://www.savvasrealize.com/index.html#/
    Username - firstname lastinitial 201 (no spaces). example - jacks201 (Math)
    Password is Pirates1!
    FYI - Science is the same website - log in is the same except 202 - jacks202
    For Math work - 
    Show all work. If it does not fit, use lined paper.
    Do an estimate to check for reasonability (when applicable).
    Answer all parts of the question.
    Explain "why" when necessary.
    Language Arts - (Green Folder for both) -
    1) Spelling Homework  E19 - each page is labeled for each night.
    2) Weekly Reading - Read Mathew Henson: Arctic Explorer
    Answer questions as labeled by night 
    Folders are due on Friday with all assignments completed for the week.
Last Modified on May 5, 2022