Here's What's Happening in Reading...

         The children set reading goals at the beginning of the school year.   They worked hard to reach those goals.  I am happy to report that they were able to improve their reading levels and reach their goals!  I am so proud of all of them!  Thank you for helping your children at home to be better at reading!   But we have more work to do.  According to the research, students who do not read during the summer will drop back a few reading levels in September.  It's called "the summer slide". So please make every effort to read with your child this summer and continue to practice sounds, letters and sight words each day.    

    • Work on reading sight words.  
    • Practice sounds and letters. 
    • Read books on your reading level.    

         Remember to ask your child questions about the story. See the Comprehension section of this website for a list of questions.

    The Neptune City Public Library is a great neighborhood resource.  Plan an outing with your child to pick out some interesting books. It's free!

     Neptune City Public Library                     Hours

    106 W. Sylvania Avenue                          Monday  10-8                       Thursday 1-8

    Neptune City, NJ 07753                           Tuesday  1-8                        Friday 10-1

    732-988-8866                                          Wednesday 1-6                    Saturday 10-1