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    Homework / Long Term Assignments
    As a general rule, homework will be given every day except Friday.  I expect it to be completed to the best of your child's ability and turned in on time.
    The best way for parents to know exactly what homework is assigned is to check your child's Daily Planner. The school provides each child with a planner in which to write down their homework every day.
    I have the homework posted on the blackboard and review it in detail with the students at the end of each day. They are given the opportunity to write it down and ask questions if they are unclear about what is assigned.  I also post it daily on my website. 
    Each student was asked to provide a Homework Folder to keep their assignments organized. This folder will also contain daily communication from the school. Please review the planner and green folder with your child each day.
    The following are some general guidelines for homework:
    There will be homework problems (relating to whatever topic we are learning) assigned every night except Friday.  Five points will be deducted for each late assignment from a student's homework average for the marking period.  Weekend homework may be assigned if times tables are not already memorized.
    Language Arts 
    Students will be expected to read at least 20 minutes nightly.  A separate memo will go home discussing the details about this.  Five points will be deducted for each late assignment from a student's homework average for the marking period. 
    Science, Social Studies, and Health 
    Unlike Math and Language Arts, these subjects are not assigned as homework every day. The best way to know if there is homework in these areas is to ask your child and/or check your child's planner.  A good habit to get into is reviewing all vocabulary words for the current chapter in the five subject notebook on a daily basis. 
    Long term assignments include a variety of projects   (eg. book report, research report, etc.). The students will be given plenty of notice on what the project is, and they will often be given time in class to work on it. They will occasionally be expected to put in time outside of class to finish it.
    NOTE: As mentioned above, these are just some general guidelines (which are subject to change.) Please be sure to check your child's planner and communicate with him/her to keep abreast of homework and long term projects throughout the year.
Last Modified on October 15, 2021