Classroom Policies
    Policies and Procedures


    1. Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn.

    2. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat.

    3. Respect your teacher, classroom, and peers.

    4. Be responsible for your own learning.

    5. Clean up after yourself!


     Consequences for not following rules:

    1. Warning.

    -1st time, verbal warning

    -2nd time, name on board

    2. Detention and parental contact.

    -Continued negative behavior will result in detention during recess,

    or after school and parental contact

    3. Discipline referral.

     -Habitual negative behaviors will result in a discipline referral

    and/or being sent to the office.


    Your grade in this class is based on the following:

     Classwork: 20%

    Homework: 15%

    Quizzes/Labs: 25%

    Tests/Projects: 40%



    Science Binder:

    You will need a binder with three dividers.

    Please use this binder only for science work.

    Label the dividers as: 

    1. Notes/Handouts

    2. Homework

    3. Quizzes/Tests



    Homework is assigned twice per week.

    Completion of homework is an important part of learning and success in class.

    Be sure to do all homework and to submit it on time to receive a good grade.

    Late homework will not be accepted under most circumstances. If a student is absent, homework is due on the day they return to school. If your student is unable to submit homework on the date itis due, please contact me.




Last Modified on September 2, 2019