kjh Happy New Year!


    January will be a fun and exciting month for our class. We are transitioning from our winter break and had a great first week back. We will start to roll out our Resturant theme. Our classroom centers will include "Italian," "Drive-thru,""pizza," and "ice cream shop". Children will learn new vocabulary, problem-solving skills, and develop higher-level play skills. We will have fun making our "props" for the new centers in our own ART center! We will learn about responsibility , sharing, and feelings, all while working and playing together. In our large group activities we will continue to work on listening, turn taking, walking in a line, and calendar skills. In our small group activities we will continue to work on fine motor skills, sorting, catorgorizing.


    In preschool we want the children to master self help skills, self-regulation and become confident, self-assured students who are ready to learn. 
    Learning will take place through hands on activities and play.



Last Modified on January 4, 2019