Dalai Lama XIV Quote: “Follow the three R’s: – Respect for self. – Respect for others. – Responsibility for all your actions.”


     Classroom Expectations:

    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Stay on task during all work times.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Track the speaker, actively listen, and monitor your voice level.
    • Come to class prepared (with homework, novel, and materials).
    • Handle all classroom materials carefully.


    Consequences for Negative Behavior:

    • You will be given three opportunities to change your behavior.
    • If you do not take the opportunity to change your behavior, you will be given a teacher detention (5 to 10 minutes after school with me) and a phone call or e-mail sent home. If you cannot stay for the teacher detention the day it is given, then it will be scheduled for a day that you are available.
    • If you receive 3 teacher detentions within a week, you will receive an Office Detention and a phone call home. Office detention is 1 hour.





Last Modified on September 16, 2021